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Fenwick Exporting Software to the World

EasyDispatch scheduling vehicles worldwide.

Fenwick Software has been implementing the German-developed enwis system in Australian waste and recycling companies for the past 10 years. Now we are returning the favour by selling our EasyDispatch add-on for enwis in Europe and the UK through tegos—the developers of enwis.

EasyDispatch is the drag and drop vehicle dispatching solution that seamlessly integrates with Dynamics NAV and enwis. It allows dispatchers to allocate jobs to vehicles using browser-based drag and drop pages.

EasyDispatch allows dispatchers to allocate jobs to vehicles using browser based drag and drop.

The business benefits that EasyDispatch delivers include:

• Improved truck utilisation.
• Improved scalability of the business.
• Reduction in the manual work involved in truck job allocation, run preparation and run checking.
• Allows the business to grow without increasing the administration staff level.
• Allows an increase in the number of services offered while at the same time reducing labour and administration costs.

Our first enwis client, Alex Fraser, needed a solution to efficiently allocate several hundred orders per day to vehicles. As a result of creating that system, Fenwick developed the EasyDispatch product. To date we have eleven international installations to add to our multiple Australian installations.

We collaborated closely with tegos when fine-tuning the product for its European release, adding multi-language support as well as mapping, flexible filtering, and information pop-ups which can be configured by the end-user.

EasyDispatch has grown significantly over the years, with much of the revenue from sales fed back into R&D investment to improve the product. Most recently we have added dynamic trip times to the scheduling process, utilising the power of third-party logistics software to calculate the driving, handling, and disposal times for jobs, based on current and historical traffic data.

Following the success of EasyDispatch our next export product will be MobileWaste, an in vehicle mobile device based system that integrates with NAV and EasyDispatch.