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Credit Card Processing at the Weighbridge

Weighbridge payments are now easier with the option to store credit card details directly in the system.

In the past, customers have to wait while operators manually key in details. Our payment solution saves time and improves accuracy by holding all customer credit card details in a trusted payment platform that links with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Waste industry clients can now process credit card transactions faster and more securely.

Weighbridge integration with Business Central

The waste industry rely on weighbridges to track material entering and leaving sites. We implement enwis, which captures data from the weighbridge and links it to Business Central. The data is essential for operational and financial reporting.

We are always looking for new ways to simplify the process, and the payment platform has further automated our solution.

How does the payment process work?

The process begins before a customer has completed a disposal or pick-up. Card details are entered and validated for the customer, then tokenized for security.

Update Customer Payments

When a customer arrives at the weighbridge, the contents of their truck is weighed and the cost is calculated. The operator selects a card to use and the payment is confirmed.

Process Credit Card Payments

The payment is recorded, with an optional receipt to be sent to the customer.

Benefits of weighbridge credit card processing

Secure processing

Storing customer credit card information is a big liability. Using a trusted payment platform takes the responsibility PCI-DSS compliance off your shoulders.

The platform integrates directly with Business Central and charges customers upon each pick up or disposal, managing sensitive details without you having to.

Faster throughput

Operators don’t need to enter credit card details by hand, which saves time and avoids errors. As a result, more trucks can cross the weighbridge each day when payments are processed faster, leading to increased revenue.

Flexible process

All companies have different waste management workflows. Depending on your process, the weighing of materials will take place at different stages of the workflow. In these instances, we can implement the payment system to suit your process.