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Powerful Operational Systems Based on Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is often used simply as a back office system. Or if it leaves the back office, it might only get as far as the warehouse. Dynamics 365 Business Central is very good at these roles, but it can be more than that. For many of our clients, Business Central forms the core of an integrated software platform.

In collaboration with our clients, we have developed many software add-ons that provide key operational functionality to their businesses. This custom software integrates with Business Central, but fulfils the operational requirements that are rarely adequately addressed by off-the-shelf ERP systems.

One of our areas of specialty is the waste management and recycling industry. Our clients in this business utilise the Business Central add-on enwis). Integrating with enwis), Fenwick has developed the following:

  • EasyDispatch – a dispatching tool for the scheduling of jobs and vehicles
  • MobileWaste – a web-based in-vehicle system suitable for Android and Apple tablets
  • A Windows tablet-based in-vehicle system, integrated with truck lift systems and GPS
  • A web-based Google mapping application for tracking truck movements, bin lifts and exceptions
  • A weighbridge receipting systems for touch screen terminal and web

It’s a similar story for Service Management where we have developed, and integrated with the Business Central Service Management granule, the following:

  • A mobile website for the logging and management of service requests
  • Customer portals providing access to full service histories and allowing customers to log requests and provide diagnostics information
  • A mobile website for technicians to efficiently update the status of requests
  • A response-time aware request for large TV display

Then, of course, there is the Fenwick Gold Production Scheduler – a web-based tool for scheduling on a shop floor, integrated with the Manufacturing granule in Business Central. And Everyminute – a web-based timesheet for professional services, integrated with the Jobs granule in Business Central.

Creating these high return operational add-on systems is facilitated by Business Central’s ease of customisation and extensibility. The many pieces of new software we have developed for Business Central is a testament to that, as is the extensive ecosystem of integrated products, such as the Tasklet Factory mobile warehouse suite. Business Central can go way beyond being a basic back-office system. It can be the base for the development of add-on systems that provide valuable business benefits and competitive advantage.