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Celebrating Failures

It might seem a little counter-intuitive to celebrate a failure. Of course an overall failure on a large project is never something to celebrate. But what about the smaller tasks along the way?

At Fenwick Software we create an environment of collaboration. Our aim is to find the best possible solution to the business problem we have been presented with. This often means trial and error – proving that a hypothesis is incorrect leads to greater knowledge about a problem, which in turn produces a stronger solution.

If we had a culture that only celebrated ultimate success on a process, task, or project, our consultants would not collaborate or share in fear of failure – they would only want to be recognised as producing the perfect result, and would hide any self-doubt they have while working toward the solution. Instead, we encourage open discussion when things have not gone to plan, trusting others to contribute to achieve a successful solution. That way we constantly learn and improve.

When someone defines an ultimate solution, or completes a successful project, of course they are recognised for this, but no more than anyone else who has worked on the project, and perhaps even challenged this solution along the way.

Our senior consultants have “buddies” – younger team members who they work with and coach on technical matters. Our Mentor initiative provides the opportunity for all staff members to have someone who they can use as a sounding board for non-technical things – company, career, study, personal, or life matters. These initiatives contribute to our culture of support.

Ensuring our Consultants have an environment in which they are not afraid to fail, and are encouraged and motivated to discuss and learn from this, is a key to providing a successful service for our clients.

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