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The United Nations of Fenwick

At the heart of Fenwick’s success is its people. The firm is in the professional services business, so our major investment is not in plant & equipment, or stock, it is in our employees and our culture. Many of our consultants are “home grown”. We have a close alliance with Swinburne University. Each year one or more of their students join our team and spend five months working with us as part of a work experience placement included in their Bachelor of Information Technology degree. They get to know us and we get to know them. As a result, many such graduates have joined us over the years, one of whom, Greg Galloway, is the CEO of Fenwick.

Although an important source of consultants, the university can’t meet all our needs and, with a scarcity of high calibre NAV consultants in Australia, we have recruited from far and wide. The countries represented in our happy group are: Australia, England, France, India, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, Romania, Slovenia, South Africa, Switzerland and Vietnam (note the alphabetical order). This makes for interesting and enlightening lunchtime discussions.

We strive to maintain a culture and work environment that will make Fenwick a good place to work and will result in very low staff turnover. There are few farewell lunches at Fenwick, far more regular are the birthday celebrations. We mentor, nurture and encourage. We ask our consultants to accept responsibility, manage themselves, and deliver benefits to our clients. Good people thrive in such an environment.

Sometimes we are asked, “What’s your competitive advantage?” The answer is simple, “Our people.”

If you are experienced and interested in joining Fenwick see our more about a career at Fenwick.

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