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The On-going Journey of Personal & Professional Development

Personal and career development of Fenwick’s team members is an on-going commitment by the firm and its staff. At the end of last year four of our Principal Consultants achieved Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) Practising Project Manager Certification. Achieving AIPM certification involves gathering and providing evidence of project management competence from completed projects. This process takes place over a number of months working with a registered assessor. All aspects of project management are covered, from the planning stage through to the post implementation review.

Ruby Usman, Tyrone Roberts, Sam Kosky, and Brad Foot can all now add the post-nominals “AIPM CPPM” to their business cards. Ruby also became a certified professional speaker last year. Tyrone had previously achieved Prince 2 project management certification.

Other achievements for Fenwick personnel included: Steve Langmaid completing his MBA, Leanne Merrett completing a First Aid course (just in case), and Dejan Pajk achieving Australian Computer Society (ACS) Certified Professional status. Meanwhile Tyrone Roberts is closing in on his Share Trading & Investment Diploma and Ruby Usman is in the last stages of authoring her book.

It seems as if none of our team members let the grass grow under their feet. Professional development; volunteer work; marathons; triathlons; writing books; restoring cars; sailing; playing soccer, cricket or water polo – there is no end to the variety of work, personal development and leisure activities that they are involved in.

There will be more in the coming year as 2016 will see a Fenwick initiative that will identify a couple of “causes” that the firm will support by allowing staff to take time off in order to contribute their time, experience and expertise. More about that in another post.

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