Ship-It allows real-time visibility into your shipments throughout the entire lifecycle of the transportation process. Leveraging on your providers tracking systems, all updates on shipment location, delivery times, and potential delays can all be displayed using our Track-It page.

How can I track my consignment?

To track your MachShip consignment:

  1. Locate the shipping document page that has a consignment or use the Packages page.
  2. Select the Track-It action which can be found in the home action group inside the ribbon under Ship-it.
  3. Details about the consignment will be provided on the page and a list of the consignment’s history.

How can I see MachShip’s tracking page?

A link to MachShip’s tracking page is included for more information about the progress of your shipment. The link can be found at the bottom of the Track-It page.