Locate and open the Ship-It with MachShip Setup page via search. You will find several fields which relate to your MachShip environment.

The information needed to fill out the API Configuration on the page will be given to you by MachShip. You can start your MachShip integration with the following components:

  • API Endpoint: A URL to MachShip’s API eg. https://live.machship.com.
  • Token: A unique user token.

The General group is for your personalisation settings and allows you to specify a:

  • Default Agent Selection which can also be setup per Customer on the Customer Card. When adding a new Sales Order and if the customer doesn’t have a Default Agent Selection, the Order will be given the value you have set on this page. See Choosing MachShip shipping options.
  • MachShip Company Name, this is a lookup on the companies you’ve created in MachShip. The setup page should be given your parent company. Child companies can be provided on the Location Card.
  • Default Pick Up Closing Time, this will be the time your logistics operations no longer manifest shipments for the day.
  • Printer Code which decides the printer the manifest will be sent to.