21.2.231129.3 / 17.1.231129.1

  • Added permissions to modify sales shipment line when performing any shipping actions e.g. Creating a consignment, Calculate shipping options, Track-It, etc.


  • Expanded the access of MachShip’s tracking url so it can be accessed on more pages/documents in the future.

21.2.231122.6 / 17.1.231122.5

  • Fixed the auto population of the Consignment Type filter when opening the manifest report from a Posted Inv. Pick.

21.2.231120.3 / 17.1.231120.1

  • Added permissions to modify sales shipment header when performing any shipping actions e.g. creating a consignment, calculate shipping options, track-it etc.


  • Added Special Instructions, From Email, From Contact, To Email, To Contact, and From Phone to a consignment.

21.2.231113.1 / 17.1.231113.2

  • Skip error message when opening Compare Shipping Options page when no shipping questions are displayed.


  • Fixed issue with the Manifest Consignment report on installation.


  • Fixed lookup on Inventory Pick list page on manifest consignment report.


  • Dangerous Good content can be included on a consignment based on the Item setup.
  • For all web requests that require a MachShip company, the call will use the company set on the Location. If no company has been set on the Location, it will use the default company on MachShip Setup page.


  • Removed confirm message during posting of order when packages exists but no consignment created.


  • Skip error message upon creating a Sales Order when the MachShip setup hasn’t been created.


  • Released for Business Central v17.1.


  • All shipping actions e.g. Create Consignment, Compare Shipping Options, Manifest Consignment can be performed directly from a Warehouse Shipment.
  • Reworked Agent Selection Type editability and the option’s caption on the Customer Card.


  • Modifying shipping related fields of a Sales order after it is released or when a warehouse document has been created with it.
  • Added Estimated Delivery Date to shipping list pages eg. Sales Orders, Inv. Pick list etc.


  • Removed importance on Shipping Agent and Service code fields from the Ship-It to Address page.


  • Renamed Source Document No. filter on Manifest Consignment report to Document No. for better representation.


  • Promoted ‘Ship-It’ action on Posted Inv. Pick page and Posted Sales Shipment.
  • Display all errors upon creating a consignment returned from Smart Freight.


  • Obsoleted integer dimension fields that are used when creating a consignment and replaced by decimals.


  • Package dimensions can be provided as decimal values.


  • Updated minimum version compatibility with Pack-It as 17.1.230411.1.


  • Available now on AppSource.