In certain scenarios, your customers need to identify additional information for carriers to better understand unknown conditions that may affect surcharges.

The additional information is known as Shipping Questions in Ship-It with MachShip and the user can check these questions before pricing is calculated. This provides accurate prices and eliminates any carriers or services that cannot complete a job.

Some example questions include:

  • Is a tailgate required to complete the delivery?
  • Is the pickup address or delivery address residential?
  • Will a crane truck be required to complete the delivery?
  • Would the driver be required to hand unload the freight at the delivery point?

How to save regular occurring Shipping Questions for a Customer

A customer may always have the same answers for a shipping question for all its consignments.

For example, a customer is always at a pickup address in a residential area. Shipping Questions can be saved on a Customer and will be defaulted on a Sales Order upon creation.

To set default shipping questions and answers for a customer:

  1. Locate and open the Customer Card.
  2. Under the Customer action group in the ribbon, find the MachShip Shipping Questions action.
  3. A list of Shipping Questions will be displayed. Enable the row to save a question and it’s answer.

Shipping Questions can be changed per order using the Shipping Questions action on the page, which can be found under the Ship-It action group. This action group is found under Home in the ribbon.

Shipping Questions can also be changed on the Compare Shipping Options page. This allows you to see how the shipping questions affect the cost for each shipping option.