Adding your MachShip printers in Business Central will decide which printer will send labels.

Setting up your MachShip Printer Token

When creating printers in MachShip a Printer Token will be provided. This token handles sending your manifests to the printer of your choice.

Locate and open the MachShip Printers page. This allows you to specify a:

  • Code which is a unique identifier for your printer.
  • Description for your printer.
  • Printer Token given to you in MachShip to represent your printer.

How do I know which printer has been chosen to print my consignments?

The printer is automatically chosen based on the user’s configuration across three distinct setup pages. The MachShip Printer Code can be found on User Setup, Location, or the MachShip Setup page.

The top priority is given to the selected MachShip printer on the User Setup. If not configured, Business Central will find the printer selected on the given Location.

In the case that neither the User Setup nor Location has been set up with a printer code, the printer is automatically chosen based on the MachShip Setup page.

How to set the printer when creating consignments

The order of selecting a printer is as follows:

  1. Printer code set on the User Setup list page.
  2. Printer code set on the Location card.
  3. Printer code set on the Ship-It with MachShip Setup page.