Under certain circumstances, businesses will apply upfront shipping costs when transporting freight.

An arrangement of shipping and delivery can be made, also known as “receiver pays” or “recipient pays” where the recipient of a package or shipment bears the cost of shipping rather than the sender. It can offer benefits such as reduced upfront expenses for customers and cost savings for businesses.

Receiver pays using MachShip

Using a saved Customer Receiver Account on a Consignment

A receiver account code is provided on any consignment to declare the receiver to pay for costs. The code can be entered manually on each shipping document or saved using a Customer Receiver Account. First, Receiver Accounts will need to be created in MachShip and these will be mapped to a Customer Receiver Account in Business Central. This will allow the user to specify a receiver account code for any future consignments.

Note: A Customer Receiver will only be provided on a consignment if the selected Shipping Agent on the Shipping Document eg. Sales Order, has been setup to allow the receiver to pay in MachShip.

How to create a Customer Receiver Account?

The accounts can be listed by searching for MachShip Receiver Accounts on the Customer Card or under the Customer action group found in the ribbon.

The Customer Receiver Account list page will allow you to specify a:

  1. Unique Account Code.
  2. Carrier Account Name. Drilling down on the field will open a lookup page of all your MachShip Carrier Accounts. It is important to note of the Enable Receiver Accounts field. Not all Customer receiver accounts allow the receiver to pay, this can be configured in MachShip. Select the Carrier Account you wish to save as a Customer Receiver Account.
  3. Name for the Customer Receiver Account.

Using a one-off Receiver Account Code

In certain situations, you may not want to save a Receiver Account Code. A user can override the receiver account code on a Shipping Document manually if they want to use a different account.