Print-It with NiceLabel connects your label printers to Business Central, and works with both NiceLabel On-Premises and Cloud editions.

  • NiceLabel Cloud
    • Cloud Print API
    • Cloud Web Printing
    • Cloud Trigger
  • NiceLabel On-Premises
    • Fenwick Cloud Companion


To use the NiceLabel Cloud features that are described in this article, you must be running Print-It with NiceLabel v22.3.2404xx.x or later.

Based on your chosen integration type, you must have a valid license for either NiceLabel PowerForms Suite or Label Cloud Business.

Integration TypeRequired license
Cloud Print APIRequires NiceLabel Label Cloud Business or above.
Cloud Web PrintingRequires NiceLabel Label Cloud Business or above.
Cloud TriggerRequires NiceLabel Label Cloud Business or above.
Fenwick Cloud CompanionRequires NiceLabel PowerForms Suite or above.

Setting up the app for the first time

Follow these steps to set up your first printer integration via the Assisted Setup:

  1. Open the Assisted Setup page via the Search box.
  2. On the Assisted Setup list page, choose Set up Print-It with Nicelabel, and then the assisted setup page will be opened.
  3. Choose your preferred integration type and configure the printer settings. Once you are done, choose the Next action.
  4. Your first printer integration will be created and you are done with the initial setup. Choose the Finish action to complete the setup.

Next steps

For more information on printing labels and managing label templates using Print-It with NiceLabel, see the articles below: