Before using the Cloud Print API, you must register the integration in the NiceLabel Developer Portal.

  1. Register Cloud Integration.
    • Go to the Nicelabel Developer Portal, register your Label Cloud account with the Cloud Print API or Cloud Trigger API. This step links your account to the API.
    • Follow this guide to create the cloud integration: Cloud Print API.
  2. Get Your Subscription Key:
    • After registration, you’ll receive a Subscription Key. This key authorises you to make API calls and connect with Business Central system.
    • Copy and save this key for use in later setup.

Copy printer details from Nicelabel Control Center

  1. Select Printers and choose the Cloud Printers tab.
  2. Select Add button.
  3. Fill in the required details on the Cloud Printer Settings screen to add a printer.
  4. Once the setup is completed, copy the Name value.

Adding subscription key in Business Central

  1. Search and open Print-It Setup page.
  2. Under the NiceLabel Cloud tab, paste the copied key into Subscription Key field.
  3. Save your changes.

Creating printer integration in Business Central

  1. Search and open Printer Integrations page.
  2. Create a new Printer Integration.
    1. Enter a Code and Description.
    2. On the Type drop-down field, choose “NiceLabel” and the NiceLabel section will appear on the screen.
    3. On the NiceLabel Type dropdown, choose Cloud API Printer.
    4. Paste the copied Name into Printer Name field.
  3. Save your changes.