Designed to make management of label printing efficient, Label-It provides a user-friendly setup to help in the creation and management of your business labels within Business Central.

Included Label Templates

Several templates are included with Print-It. You can review the steps for printing each label type below:

Label Templates

Label templates are the label designs available in your system. You can add more along with the included templates.

If you have a custom labelling scenario, see How to integrate your own labelling scenario to Label-It for instructions on how to integrate to Label-It.

Setting up Label-It for the first time

  1. Open the Assisted Setup page via the Search box
  2. On the Assisted Setup list page, choose Set up Label-It, and then the assisted setup page will be opened.
  3. Read the description and then choose the Next action
  4. If you have not done the setup for Cloud Companion, please follow the instructions in this article. Once you are done, choose the Next action.
  5. In this step, you will have the options to enable or disable the included default labels that come with Label-It. Choose the Next action when you have made your selections.
  6. You are done with the initial setup for Label-It. Choose the Finish action to complete the setup.