Below are a few common questions we see when using NiceLabel and Label-It with Business Central.

We’re always expanding this list, so if you still have any questions, please lodge a request.

Can I use the printer’s settings saved in my label template instead of the default printer settings from the driver?

When setting up a NiceLabel template, you can choose for the Printer Settings to be saved in the label template file, or alternatively for the Printer Settings to be inherited from the printer driver. The printer driver settings are based on the server that runs the print service from Business Central.

See this article for more information.

I have my logos, trademarks, or images in our label templates, will these still be available in our label templates uploaded into Business Central?

Yes. Images can be embedded directly into the label template or linked to a network path accessible by the Cloud Companion agent. There are some size limits on the label template however, so we recommend keeping these images compressed. Image formats such as JPG or PNG are usually best.

My barcodes are generated based on item and serial numbers. How do these barcodes get generated when I use Label-It?

Any barcode values can be passed as a variable passed through from Business Central.

For item and serial numbers, we’d recommend adding the Item No. and Serial Number as a variable in the NiceLabel template. This value would change automatically based on the information sent from Business Central and Label-It.

Values can also be stored in the template however these aren’t dynamic as they’re not sent from the system.

See this article where we show how to create a Business Central app that integrates with NiceLabel using Label-It.

How do I automatically cut continuous labels?

This depends on your printer model. It’s supported by NiceLabel if it’s set by the Printer Settings on your label printer. Depending on the model of label printer that you use, you can define whether labels are cut between each label in the Printer Settings page.

For example, see this Zebra article for more information.

My label is not printed with the right orientation (i.e. landscape instead of portrait). How do I set this?

This depends on your label settings within NiceLabel. You need to update the settings, so your label template uses the printer properties saved in Label instead of the Printer Driver.

  1. Open your label template with NiceLabel Designer on your computer
  2. Select Home > Management > Document Properties from the toolbar
  3. On the Properties dialog under the Printer tab, change the “Use printer properties saved in” to Label instead of Printer Driver
  4. Change to the Paper tab on the same dialog, change Orientation to Landscape instead of Portrait
  5. Save your settings and then save the label template
  6. Re-upload the label template onto Business Central and re-try printing the label with Label-it