Web Service Keys are deprecated and no longer supported. This label has been removed.

  1. Open the Users list page via search
  2. Select a user on the list to print a label for by clicking Edit
  3. Copy the Web Service Access Key. This can be done by double clicking in the field until highlighted and pressing ctrl + c on the keyboard or right clicking and selecting copy on the screen
  4. Under the More options > Actions tab click on Print User Label…
    Note: The Print action will be hidden on the card & list pages if the User Label Code is blank in Label Setup.
  5. Fill out the available fields including populating the Password with the Web Service Access Key you copied earlier. Once all fields are populated click OK to print the user label
  6. If successful a label template will download within the browser. It should look like the following when opened
  7. You can print multiple labels at once from the User List