FG15 Discontinued Master Data

Discontinued Master Data disables entries that are no longer in use in the Master Data lists, such as: Customers, Vendors, Contacts, Items and Locations.  They are flagged as “Discontinued”. For consistency, NAV needs to keep track of all the master records that have been used, but records flagged as “Discontinued” will be hidden from all the master lists, relieving congestion and avoiding confusion for the user. They are separated into secondary lists that allow restoration if needed so you do not have to be concerned about any loss of data.

This granule makes maintaining master data lists simple;  you are always one click away from taking out-of-date records off your lists. If you want to disable an item that is obsolete, or you are no longer dealing with a vendor, or you have moved one of your warehouses to a new location,  you select the record on the corresponding list and click the “Discontinue” button on the Actions ribbon. The record will be moved to a discontinued list. A discontinued record will vanish from all the lists and reports in use in NAV. If you do need it again, you can restore it at any time.

Master Data Areas

The discontinue functionality covers the following areas in Dynamics NAV;

  • Discontinue Item
  • Discontinue Location
  • Discontinue Customer
  • Discontinue Contact
  • Discontinue Vendor

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