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Managing and Controlling Interfaces

Building interfaces between NAV and other systems is a common requirement during implementation projects. Such interfaces allow business critical information to be shared between software and allow data to be stored centrally.  The Interface Controller Fenwick Gold Granule provides functionality to log such interfaces within NAV to keep track of activities such as warnings and errors.

The granule comes with a pre-built structure to create logs, update status, store interface and FTP folder addresses as well as send error related emails. This acts as a stable starting point for custom interface development. Our past development projects have included interfacing with Payroll systems, Website appointments, Invoice file imports and Custom Freight systems.

The Interface Controller keeps a log of all interface related activities within NAV, both incoming and outgoing. This includes date and time stamps, user details, status and log descriptions. The status values are defined as follows:

  • Success – Task was successfully run.
  • In Process – The task has started but not yet finished.
  • Waiting – The task is waiting to be executed.
  • Warning – Task was run but includes warnings that need to be reviewed.
  • Error – Task was run but errors were recorded. The error needs to be addressed.
  • Fail – The task was run but an unexpected error occurred.

Theses status values can also be linked to icons that help to visually identify the log’s entries.

Other features of the granule include the ability to rerun the task directly from the Log Entry page. This is helpful when errors are rectified, and the task needs to be reprocessed. Related records can also be opened from the Log page. For example when new Invoices are created in NAV via an interface, these documents can be opened from the Interface Controller page. Automatic emails can be sent every time an error is logged. This ensures that the relevant users are notified of the error and they can log into NAV and review the error.

The Interface Controller  is a central area in NAV for the logging, automation and command of interfaces to other systems. It is a flexible and stable Fenwick Gold granule that can act as your first step into the world of Dynamics NAV interfaces.