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Renting Bins for Waste Management

‘How can we make the rental side of the business more efficient?’ That is one of the common questions whenever I talk with waste management and recycling firms.

It seems that many companies in the business of renting bins, skips and other recycling equipment have problems knowing exactly what equipment is at each customer site; when it was delivered; when it should be picked up; and from what date the rental should be charged.

Fortunately there is a solution to this problem. The enwis) software package has its origins in the bin rental business, and includes some unique features that help rental companies improve their rental efficiency.

For a start, it automatically considers any equipment delivered to a customer’s site as being on rental to the customer, without the need for administration staff to create a separate rental order. This removes the possibility of staff forgetting to charge customers for a rental.

enwis) will then automatically generate invoices covering all equipment on rental, with the option to combine them into a single invoice covering all services for a customer, or keep them separate.

Finally, when the equipment is picked up from a customer site, enwis) automatically sets the end date on the rental period without the need for administration staff to update the system. This ensures that customers are not overcharged for equipment they no longer have thereby reducing the number of account enquiries and credit requests from customers.

The rental business of waste management and recycling firms certainly has its challenges but the enwis) software package can help to make that side of the business considerably more efficient.

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