The Graphical Production Scheduler provides a visual representation of your work floor.

Filtering the view

The following filters can be applied to the scheduler screen to alter which Production Order Routing Lines are displayed.

Multiple status filters can be applied at once. For example, you can select Firm Planned and Released, to show all production orders that fit into one of these categories.

Field NameDescription
Work Centre GroupUsed to restrict the selection of work centres within the graphical scheduler
Work CentresUsed to select a specific work centre from within a work centre group. Not selecting a filter for work centre, will display information for all work centres
Begin DateThe starting date used for the graphical scheduler display
End DateThe ending date used for the graphical scheduler display
Status (Firm Planned, Released, Finished)Used to display production order routing lines with a specific status

Summary Indicator

Each bar on the scheduler represents a production order routing step in Business Central. A summary of the production order is visible on the bar, and detailed production order routing information is available by hovering over the information icon.

The quantity displayed via the summarised bar information, refers to the Quantity Remaining on the production order within Business Central, out of the total quantity being produced.

Rescheduling via drag and drop

Each Production Order bar can be re-positioned or re-sized as required. To reposition a bar, simply click and drag it to a new location on the screen. This can be used to assign an order to a different work centre, or a different day.

Business Central will automatically move production bars around after you make a modification to the Graphical Scheduler screen.

Bars will flash if there are conflicting events. To resolve a scheduling conflict, move the production order bar to a location where it does not conflict.

Graphical Scheduler Colour Coding

Each bar is coloured depending on their status within the system.

Bar ColourColour Indication
PurpleRepresents the overall run time of Firm Planned production orders
BlueRepresents an indicator for Setup Time for Firm Planned, Released, and Finished production orders
OrangeRepresents the remaining run time for Released production orders
GreenRepresents a progress indicator for Released production orders
PinkRepresents a wait time indicator for Released and Finished production orders
Red OutlineRepresents an indicator for when a Shortage has occurred

From the Graphical Scheduler screen, you can navigate to other pages in Business Central for more information.

  • Double clicking on a Production Order Bar will take you to the Production Scheduler screen. This screen will be filtered, based on the values from the production order that you clicked on.
  • Double clicking on a Work Centre will take you to that Work Centre’s card in Business Central.
  • Double clicking on a Machine Group will take you to that Machine Centre’s card in Business Central.