The Graphical Production Scheduler is a web based application which allows for a visual, drag and drop representation of the shop floor. This web based drag and drop app is an extension of the Production Scheduler app and requires its own license.

User Setup

Two new setup fields have been added to the User Card to control whether production order scheduling is allowed and the visible work centres.

Field NameDescription
Allow Production SchedulingDetermines whether a user can reschedule production orders using drag and drop.
Work Centre Group FilterFilters the Graphical Production Scheduler based on the selected filter

Manufacturing Setup

A new field Graphical Prod. Scheduler Path has been added to Manufacturing Setup. This specifies which URL is opened when the action is pressed on the Production Scheduler page.

Users can run the Graphical Scheduler from the Production Scheduler page within Business Central.

Specify the URL that opens when clicking Graphical Scheduler
The Graphical Scheduler action will open the web-based drag and drop scheduling application.