A quick action allows you to create a new Production Order from an existing Sales Order in Business Central.

Sales & Receivables Setup

Two default fields have been added to Sales & Receivables setup. These fields control the default action when creating production orders directly from the Sales Order using the one click create functionality.

Create Production Orders directly from a Sales Order

A new option has been added to the Sales Order to allow for the creation of Production Orders directly from the sales order. 

Production Orders can be created with an Order Status of Planned, Firm Planned or Released, however will default to the setups on Sales & Receivables Setup. The production order can now be accessed directly from the Sales Line > Related Information menu.

Getting to the Sales Order from the Production Order Lines

When using the quick create Production Order function, the Sales Order number is maintained on the Production Order Line for ease of reference and navigation.

Getting to the Sales Order from the Production Scheduler

The Sales Order number has been made available from the Production Scheduler for reference and easy navigation.