Category: Project Management

Andrew Lang

Front Load the Pain

Successful projects of any sort are more likely to be successful if tasks are completed as early as possible. A “we can do that later” approach will cause pain.

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Dejan Pajk

Fit/Gap Analysis

High level Fit/Gap analysis provides an important tool in selecting an ERP product. A detailed gap/fit forms the platform on which the success of the implementation is built.

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Ruby Usman

The Cost of Saying Yes

In many cases when ERP projects are initiated, clients may have a few strategic or market imperatives that drive the implementation decision. In these situations,

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Steve Langmaid

Allow Time for the Unexpected

Like lots of aspects of life, projects are not completely predictable. Steve Langmaid discusses some of the challenges and options to deliver those projects that “we must have by Christmas”…

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Fenwick Warehouse Management Solution
Peter R Hill

Go-Live is the Start, Benefit Realisation is the Finish

The pressure and workload involved in introducing a new ERP system, achieving go-live and a system that is working day to day, may, justifiably, be the cause of great relief or preferably, celebration. And that’s fair enough. But getting the system up and running is only the first step…

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