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Discover the Flexibility of the Business Central Web Client

Dynamics 365 Business Central Web Client

Ever since the web client was first released for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013, and subsequently in Dynamics 365 Business Central, it has been incrementally improved with each release.

As the feature gap between the web client and the traditional windows client shrinks, we find that our clients increasingly favour this new method of piloting Business Central because of its unique benefits:

Client Installation and Setup

Any machine with access to the internet can open the web client in a browser. This means there are basically no specific software and hardware requirements for any user in the organisation to log on to Business Central.

Platform Updates

As soon as a new platform update becomes available, it only needs to be installed on the web server and will be instantly applied to all users. Compared to the windows client where every user’s machine needs to be updated individually, this makes deploying updates much simpler and incentivises the business to operate on the latest monthly hotfix of Business Central.

Ease of Access

The web client can be deployed to be available over the internet. This removes the limitation for the user’s machine to be directly connected to the Business Central server on a local network, whether through remote desktop, VPN, or any other tool.


Once deployed, Business Central can also be accessed through the Mobile or Tablet client. These touch-friendly options are great for quickly checking customer details or handling approval requests. Furthermore, no additional setup is required. Just download the app from the Windows Store, App Store, or Google Play and you’re good to go.

New tools and user interface changes are introduced every year to further simplify and streamline the application.

As businesses upgrade to Dynamics 365 Business Central, the web client serves as a primary focus for operating in an increasingly integrated world.