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Making Dynamics NAV Mobile

Mobile access to Dynamics NAV

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Tablet Client was first introduced with the release of NAV 2015, but it was NAV 2016 that made the functionality truly mobile by providing the NAV Phone Client. Since then Microsoft has continued to invest in this area, making continual improvements to both tablet and phone environments with each new release of NAV.

This level of accessibility into your NAV system provides you with capabilities to simplify your day-to-day work tasks. You might be heading out to visit one of your customers and with a tap on your screen you can view their sales history; check their credit situation; review their open orders; etc., right from your mobile or tablet device.

Setting up this facility is simple as it requires only a web service for NAV. Once this is done, all you need is a solid internet connection and you can access the system from any location using your phone or tablet. Even the standard features of your device, such as a camera, can then be used by NAV.

Using your phone or tablet to access your Dynamics NAV system provides you with capabilities to simplify your day-to-day work tasks.

The key is that the tasks you choose to be handled by mobile or tablet devices should be relatively simple and meaningful, keeping in mind the constraints of your devices and the communications environment.

As an example, Fenwick built a custom signature recording add-on which allowed a client to get users to record their signature against a list of attendees as required for their site inspections. Previously they would print a paper report to be signed and scanned for their records. This solution has allowed them to store all the attendee data directly into NAV, and allowed them to simply report on who attended these scheduled meetings.

In another example Fenwick built a refined version of the Production Scheduler screen for a client, which meant they were able to switch from always printing out a Job Card report, to now being able to run the entire production process in the warehouse on tablet devices, automatically. This has allowed them to record and report on actual run times; implement quality control checks; upload images from a tablet device; and attach this information automatically to the associated Sales Order.

With the right task and sound design of the tablet/mobile solution, your business will be able to take advantage of the NAV mobile client functionality.