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Sense of Belonging at Fenwick

My journey at Fenwick as a developer and consultant has been one of the most challenging, but thankfully I am continuously being looked after, with all the critical training required for working with Dynamics NAV, and the expert guidance from our experienced consultants to ensure that I am continually learning and producing work that meets Fenwick’s standards. One of the important aspects that I have learnt and understood is to build good relationships with our clients. Over the past six months I have been visiting clients with my fellow consultants and have been watching them interact and help our clients solve their business, operational and IT problems.

One of the important aspects that I have learnt and understood is to build great relationships with our clients

Combined with the training and mentoring provided, I am now much more comfortable doing this myself. However, the critical element that has contributed to this increased self-confidence is the “sense of belonging” that I feel when I am at work. The culture of Fenwick wraps this sense of belonging in a unique way that poses a challenge to young consultants like myself, even before I realize that I have become an important part of the Fenwick family, to continually work towards optimising our clients’ business processes. Over a period of time, I believe that this core Fenwick value creates a greater sense of responsibility to maintain the culture and continue to serve our clients in the best way possible.

This sense of belonging has made such an impact in my life that during my last flight from Mumbai (my birth town) to Melbourne, I had a  sense, for the first time in four years, that I was coming home and I must have been projecting this sense because the officer at the immigration counter greeted me with a smile  and said: “Welcome home, Sir”. This sense of belonging has created more motivation and positive energy, leading to a more fulfilling life and many achievements. It is also this feeling of being home that makes my life more valuable in Melbourne and helps me cope when things are rough.


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