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This post is part of the Warehousing: Which Way to Go blog series.

In the previous weeks, I have been explaining various concepts and terminologies related to warehousing within Dynamics NAV. Here are the links to these posts:

Warehousing – Basic Terminologies
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Warehousing – Outbound Orders Processing

In this post we will examine the process of receiving various inbound orders. These include Purchase Orders, Inbound Transfers as well as any Sales Returns. Again, based on the level of warehousing chosen, the steps required to manage the processes is different. At the basic level, when the stock is received, it becomes available immediately. With the advanced warehousing option, the stock is received into a Receiving area, where it can go through any quarantine or quality assurance processes. Once the stock is ready, it is put-away in the main warehouse area where it is available to be picked.

Following table describes the processes in detail:

Inbound Order Process Differences
Inbound Order Process Differences