Your company logo will appear at the upper left corner on all Good Looking Document reports. The logo is printed on A4 and fixed to 6.5cm x 2.0cm in size. It will fit proportionally by default, which means it will not stretch if you provide a small image. The logo should also be designed and optimized for traditional printing.

We recommend making the logo as lightweight as possible as it directly impacts how slowly your reports create, especially on bulk-sends like month-end statements.

Here are our recommended attributes for the logo:

DPI (dots per inch)150-300. Displayed @ 6.5cm x 2.0cm on A4.
Colour SpaceRGB or CMYK
If you tend to email more, you may opt for RGB, otherwise CMYK for printed media.
FormatJPG for detailed or full-bleed logos. PNG for basic logos with simple colours.
TransparencyNo transparency. Please use a white matte instead.
File size~10KB (kilobytes)