• Fixed Linked Table Fields sometimes not importing data.


  • Added prompt to remove unavailable tables and fields before exporting or importing config packages.


  • Fixed issue when opening Initialise Default Posting Setup.
  • Company Setup Toolkit for Australia: Fixed issue when opening Initialise Default BAS Setup.


  • Fixed lookup on UOM linked type.


  • Add Person Responsible, Status, and Due Date to Config Package tables.
  • Added Unique to Company and Excel Import/Export to Config Package Table.
  • Added Default Dimension as a Linked Table Type.
  • Fixed Unit of Measure Linked Table Type not updating the master record with the UoM code.
  • General improvements to the Linked Table feature.
  • Added Move To action to Config Package Fields.
  • Improvements to move actions on Config Package Fields.
  • Removed Australian specific functionality, this has been moved to Company Setup Toolkit for Australia.
  • Company Setup Toolkit for Australia:
    • Initial release.
    • Provides Australian specific functionality related to Post Code and GST/BAS Setup.


  • Added the following linked tables for config packages:
    • Customer/Vendor Bank Account
    • Item Reference
    • Ship-to Address
    • Item/Resource/Capacity Unit of Measure
  • Fixed issue when adding tables with Data Migration Toolkit installed.


  • Fixed No. Series initialisation issue causing No. Series to start with a blank value instead of 1.


  • Fixed “Allow Gaps in Nos.” validation error when initialising number series.


  • Target v21.
  • Added linked table feature to configuration packages.


  • Fixed Sequence Name blank issue when initialising the No. Series.


  • Allows gaps in No. Series when defaulting custom number series.


  • Added Initialise No. Series action to setup pages.
  • Added Batch Change Prod. BOM and Routing Status functionality.
  • Added ability to Import Postcodes.
  • Updated app URLs.
  • Company Setup Toolkit for Gold Base Application: Handle No. Series initialisation for Overseas Import.


  • Updated straight-line depreciation conditions and assignments when importing fixed asset.


  • Allow up to 8 dimensions on Fixed Asset import.


  • Added Straight Line % to Fixed Asset import.


  • Prevent document and document 2 from being the same value on import fixed assets.


  • Added Import Fixed Assets action to Fixed Asset Setup page.
  • Fixed location retrieval in Import Fixed Assets XMLPort.
  • Fixed “Journal Batch Name” validation on Import Fixed Assets request page.
  • Fixed Description field only validating 50 characters instead of 100 in Import Fixed Assets XMLPort.
  • Added more tooltips.


  • Initial release.
  • Initialise Posting Groups and setup.
  • Initialise BAS Report and related setup.