Fixed Assets can now be imported in bulk when setting up a new company in Business Central. Company Setup Toolkit adds in new functionality to import Fixed Asset data from a file into your company.

  1. Open Fixed Asset Setup.
  2. Select Import Fixed Assets action on the Actions bar.
  3. Fill out the necessary fields on the request page.
  4. Run the report and wait for the import to complete.

Format of your data file

The data file is a tab delimited text file. It includes column headers which are listed below:

3FA Class Code
4FA Subclass Code
5FA Location Code
6Vendor No
7Warranty Date
8Resp Employee
9Serial No.
10FA Posting Group
11Depreciation Book 1
12Depreciation Method 1
13Declining Balance % 1
14Depreciation Years 1
15Depreciation Start Date 1
16Aquisition Cost 1
17Accumulated Depreciation as at Prior Year End 1
18Accumulated Depreciation Current Year
19Acquisition Date 1
20Depreciation Book 2
21Depreciation Method 2
22Declining Balance % 2
23Depreciation Years 2
24Depreciation Start Date 2
25Aquisition Cost 2
26Accumulated Depreciation as at Prior Year End 2
27Accumulated Depreciation 2
28Acquisition Date 2
29Depreciation Book 3
30Depreciation Method 3
31Declining Balance % 3
32Depreciation Years 3
33Depreciation Start Date 3
34Aquisition Cost 3
35Accumulated Depreciation as at Prior Year End 3
36Accumulated Depreciation 3
37Acquisition Date 3
38Dimension Value 1
39Dimension Value 2
40Dimension Value 3
41Dimension Value 4
42Dimension Value 5
43Dimension Value 6
44Dimension Value 7
45Dimension Value 8