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More New Features & Updates: Dynamics NAV 2017

Since the release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 at the end of last year, we’ve seen two cumulative updates (monthly updates) for the newest release. These updates mostly contain fine-tuning of functionality, performance and some bug fixes.

There are plenty of new features in the 2017 release, so I’ve included details on two more of my favourites:

Saved Report Presets

If you’ve ever had to run a report each month you probably have run into the situation where you can’t remember the exact options you used last time.

With NAV 2017 this has become a whole lot easier.

Instead of having to remember the filters you use each month, you can save a set of filters as a predefined template.

Easily save report options into presets so they’re easier to run next time.

This is a simple way to save your settings on a report-by-report basis so they’re ready to go whenever you need to run your report. These preset filters & settings can be setup for just you, or for all users on the “Report Settings” page.

Predefine Report Settings so that they can be used by specific users, or all users.

Web Client Improvements

The web client is now better than ever, with support for some usability functions we’re all used to in the RTC.

  • ESC will now close or exit a page
  • F5 will refresh only the data, and not the whole page
  • Hide/Show columns
  • Gestures (swipe, tap & hold)
  • 2x Performance improvement
  • Excel in-place edit & update
  • Support for Wizards, field tooltips, and inline help

The Web Client is getting the attention previously reserved for the RTC Windows Client. As we start to see more features added to the Web Client only, I predict that Microsoft will continue in this direction and ultimately discontinue the Windows RTC Client.


We recommend a 2-3 year upgrade cycle. This allows you to stay current and leverage both your maintenance and new features.

Get in touch if you would like more information around NAV 2017 and the options for upgrade.

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