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Step Back – Look at the Big Picture

We’ve all experienced times when we have had to stop and take stock of exactly what is happening. When processes get out of control and we forget why they were put there in the first place.

While undertaking a group assignment at university, our group had lost the plot in a discussion during class and the lecturer was wandering around our table fascinated by how far off the mark we were.

‘Stop! Step back’ he said, ‘look at the big picture.’ As he said this he stepped back and spread his arms wide.

He repeated his call regularly throughout the semester, so we never forgot it.

Years later I still find those words of wisdom very useful. Now, when I find myself bogged down in detail, I take the time to stop, step back, and look at the big picture.

This has been true in business too. At Fenwick the most successful implementations we have done for customers have not been the ones where we are directed to merely replicate their existing procedures into NAV. Customers who receive the most benefit from their NAV Software are the ones who stand back prior to the implementation, look at the big picture, decide what business benefits they want from their new system and look for a better way to do things. Implementing a new ERP system is not something that is done every day; it offers a rare opportunity to look at improvement across all areas of your business.

Even if you have already implemented NAV in your business, it is most likely that there are processes which you find complicated and painful to undertake. That’s where we like to help, removing those pain points of your day to day operations. NAV is a powerful tool; we can often find better ways for you to do things using NAV or one of our NAV Gold modules. Simplified, automated, uncomplicated – that’s how life should be, professionally… and personally!