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The Dual Aspects of Professional Consulting

Recently, I completed a refresher course in basic accounting. The course used a book that stepped me through running a stall selling lemonade. It introduced concepts like sales and purchases on credit, handling inventory and manufacturing processes. It was structured in such a way that I was excited about each new exercise, not only to discover what it was but more importantly, what I could learn from it. This led to a revitalized and more informed attitude toward the rest of my work.

I came to understand the motivational potential of education. By learning new methods and processes in a controlled setting, I could extrapolate that into real results in my day-to-day work. This led to a feedback loop of enthusiasm for applying new knowledge leading to acquiring new skills which in turn allowed further application.

This eagerness is vital to both aspects of professional service: technical skill and client service. Regarding technical skills, this passion often manifests itself in Fenwick’s office in the raw pride that our consultants display in the new features and functionality they are developing. This contributes to the feedback loop. Working in this kind enthusiastic of environment fosters better performance.

When dealing with our clients, the outward attitude of professionals has an incredible impact. The contagious enthusiasm that exists in the Fenwick office needs to be translated to and experienced by our clients for the systems we deliver to be fully appreciated. It is as much our jobs to motivate and communicate effectively with our clients as it is to actually provide them with a service.

If our personal motivation begins to wane, this will have a negative effect on all aspects of our work, which is why mastering new concepts and applying them to new scenarios is vital, not just for Fenwick consultants but for every professional’s development.

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