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Fenwick Pinpoints the Location

Anyone who has entered a series of addresses into a computer system will know how frustrating it can be if you don’t have all the details. You may not know the postcode or the correct suburb; you might want to add a Melways’ or UBD reference.

Fenwick has developed a street look-up tool as part of its Fenwick Gold utility suite. This references the Melways or UBD directories to ensure that you get the correct and consistent data every time, and always in the same format.

A user can input a street name and the system will display a list of all matches in the State. This allows the user to select the correct suburb and retrieve all the relevant details. For example, if the user enters ‘350 Collins’ the system will display all the Collins Streets, Lanes, Roads, Avenues etc., in Victoria. You can search down the list to locate the required suburb. Once chosen, the system will populate the full street address, suburb, postcode, municipality, country and Melways’ reference.

If you want to simplify entry of addresses, ensure consistency of data, and make the whole process less tedious, this is the utility for you.
Contact: Andrew Ferguson

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