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Microsoft Certified Trainer status comes with perks

Initially it just seemed like a normal phone call, but then came an invite to attend 3-days of Dynamics NAV 7 training in Copenhagen. Dynamics NAV 7 is the next major release Dynamics, however, the thought of travelling for 52 hours to attend 24 hours of training didn’t appeal.

But then my dear Microsoft representative explained that I would be the only one in the Australian partner community to have Dynamics NAV 7 knowledge, and I would be the one to transfer this knowledge so that the Australian market could start preparing for the new version, and Fenwick would become part of the Dynamics NAV 7 beta program gaining product knowledge before its release to the market; And Microsoft would finance my trip (now she was talking).

Suddenly 52 hours of travel didn’t seem like such a big deal. I just needed to be smart and stay a bit longer to give myself an opportunity to see Copenhagen. I also felt privileged to be selected for such a program.

Now here comes anticlimax. I went to Denmark, got all the information about the product and what Microsoft is doing to address market needs, but I’m not allowed to share any information before the product is released :-( . All I can say is that I am excited to see how Dynamics NAV is transforming, and I’m impressed with all the effort Microsoft is putting into it.

Obviously, these subjective comments don’t tell a lot, but one thing is certain: NAV 7 information has prepared us better to manage our current NAV projects as we now know the To-Do’s and Not-to-Do’s. We have also seen first hand Microsoft’s commitment to the future of Dynamics NAV.

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