• Fixed receiver name to a maximum length of 50 on the consignment.


  • Added Sales Order No. to Smart Freight consignment. This is listed under the additional reference tab in SmartFreight on the consignment page.


  • Added more properties on the Dangerous Goods page for more information on a dangerous goods entry.


  • Removed confirm message during posting of order when packages exists but no consignment created.


  • Allow packing from a Warehouse Shipment.


  • When giving SmartFreight details about a package, we always indicate that the dimension values are per package.
  • Added Agent Selection Type to Ship-to-Address page.
  • Added Shipping Agent, Shipping Agent Service, Package Tracking and Estimated Delivery Date to document list pages.


  • Added Cubage factor field on the Ship-It Setup page which is a requirement for compare shipping options.


  • Adds the Sell-to Phone No. on a consignment upon creation.


  • Agent Selection Type automatically changes to “Specific” after actioning Import or Calculate Shipping Options, as a Shipping Agent has been automatically selected for you.


  • Upgraded app to v21.
  • Fixed v22 compatibility.


  • Enabling Demo-Mode on Ship-It Set Up page will create test data to perform features in demo mode.


  • Get Delivery Options Page is supported in Demo Mode.


  • Fixed Test Connection action on ship-it setup page.


  • Added volume in calculation of Shipping Cost when comparing delivery options.


Requires an update for Pack-It 17.1.220304.1.

  • Packages that contain dangerous goods will now be specified upon creation of a Smart Freight consignment.
  • Only Carriers that allows the transport of dangerous goods will be displayed when comparing delivery options with packages that contain dangerous goods.
  • Fixed Substring start index issue.


Ensure you have the correct set up in Smart Freight to use the ‘Get Delivery Options’ API call i.e Having Smart Freights’ transit times set-up will return the estimated delivery date time in Ship-it. Otherwise, the shipping options won’t contain a date time.

  • Added the ability to compare shipping options for more than 5 packing lines.