The Shipping Agent Selection Type is used to determine the preferred carrier and service when you’re creating a shipment. For example, if you want the fastest shipment, vs the cheapest.

Shipping Agent Selection Options

The following table explains the various options.

SpecificUse the carrier and service specified on the document.
FastestAutomatically choose the carrier and service that delivers the freight in the shortest time. If there are multiple options, the cheapest option will be chosen.
CheapestAutomatically choose the carrier and service with the cheapest freight cost.
AutomaticOnly available in Ship-It with SmartFreight. Automatically choose the carrier and service based on the freight rules defined in SmartFreight. These rules include defaults and Freight Profiles. If no defaults or Freight Profiles exist, then the cheapest carrier and service will be chosen.

Default Agent Selection Type for customers and shipping documents

The Default Agent Selection for Customers is determined by the Default Agent Selection Type on your Ship-It with SmartFreight Setup page, this can be overridden on the Customer Card. See Connecting Business Central to SmartFreight .

The Default Agent Selection on Documents is derived from the Customer on the Document, this can be overridden on individual shipping documents.