Sales Rebates are set up based on the combination of Customer Rebate Group and Item Rebate Group

Sales Rebates can be set up at 4 levels.

All CustomersRebates will apply to all customers even if they already have a Customer Rebate or Customer Group Rebate.
CustomerRebate will only apply to a specific Customer.
Customer Rebate GroupAll customers that belong to the Customer Group will get the rebate.
NoneThis means that rebates will be determined by the Item or Item Group.

Item Rebates can also be set up at 3 levels.

All ItemsRebates will apply to all Items.
ItemRebate will be Item specific.
Item Rebate GroupAll Items that belong to the Item Group will get the rebate

Sales Rebate Lines

Based on the options you define on the Sales Rebates Worksheet, you will need to populate the Sales Rebate Line by completing the following fields.

Rebate Posting GroupDetermines which General Ledger accounts will get posted too.
Rebate %The percentage of the rebate.
Base Unit Rebate Amt. (LCY)This is base unit amount in local currency.
Starting DateThe date the rebate is valid from.
Ending DateThe date the rebate will expire.