The licenses for Fenwick Gold Apps are determined based on the number of registered users in the system. Licensing is per-seat.

The full terms and conditions can be viewed here; Terms & Conditions.

What if I exceed my licensed count with new users?

You’ll get an error if you try and use App functionality that isn’t licensed. You’ll need to either;

  1. purchase additional licenses, or
  2. deactivate users that don’t require access to the system

For example, if a user no longer works with your company you can set their user to Disabled and another user can use their licensed seat.

Per-app Licensing

Each app is licensed separately, so you will need to ensure each Fenwick Gold App (product/subscription) has the appropriate number of licenses to match your active number of users.

Calculating the Required Licenses

The total number of enabled licensed Full and Limited users must match the total licenses for Fenwick Gold. Users that are disabled (Status = Disabled) do not count and do not need to be licensed.

The following example would require 2 licenses for the relevant app:

UserLicense TypeStateFenwick Gold App License Required?
MaryFull UserEnabledYes
JohnLimited UserEnabledYes
Shared DeviceDevice Only UserEnabledYes
JoeFull UserDisabledNo