Expiring Inventory Overview provides a matrix style view of expiring inventory by date, with filters to narrow down the search.

Filters for the Expiring Inventory Overview

TypeSpecifies the type of the relevant expiring inventory.
Item No. FilterSpecifies the Item No. filter.
Item Category FilterSpecifies the Item Category filter.
Invt. Post. Group FilterSpecifies the Inventory Posting Group filter.
Location FilterSpecifies the Location filter.
Date FilterSpecifies the Date filter.
Sales Budget NameSpecifies the sales budget to use when calculating the allocated budget quantity.
Sales Budget Start DateSpecifies the date used when calculating the allocated budget quantity.
Show Value asSpecifies if the item values are shown as quantity or cost amount.
View bySpecifies the period which amounts are displayed.
View asSpecifies how amounts are displayed.
Show Expired Items OnlySpecifies if only items with expired inventory are shown.
Show Column NameSpecifies if names of the columns are shown.
InventoryActual stock on hand.

Expiring Inventory Overview Matrix

No.Specifies the item no.
DescriptionSpecifies the item description.
InventorySpecifies the current inventory of the item.
Expired InventorySpecifies the expired inventory up-to the date filter date.
Remaining ColumnsSpecifies the expiring inventory during that period.