Advanced Default Dimensions allows you to define parent/child relationships between Dimensions.

In this example we’ll enforce that the selectable Dimension Values for the Sub-Item Group Dimension must belong to the “parent” Item Group Dimension.

This means the Dimension Values of Sub-Item Group are filtered by the selected Parent Dimension Value.


Dimension Item Group is the parent of Sub-Item Group.

Dimension Item Group has two Dimension Values, FURNITURE and LOCKERS.

Dimension Sub-Item Group has Dimension Values TABLE with a parent of FURNITURE, and SMLLOCK with a parent of LOCKERS.

With this setup, using the Dimension Sub-Item Group will also require the Dimension Item Group has the appropriate Dimension Value combination.

For example:

  • FURNITURE (Item Group) and TABLE (Sub-Item Group)
  • LOCKERS (Item Group) and SMLLOCK (Sub-Item Group)

Otherwise, an error will be thrown and will prevent you from entering the Dimension Value.

Tip: If you are using Show Dimensions on Master Data Cards, then selecting a Child Dimension will automatically select its Parent Dimensions.

Blocking Parent Dimensions

When you block a Parent Dimension or a Parent Dimension Value, it will automatically block all Child Dimensions and Child Dimension Values.

Note: Unblocking a Parent Dimension or Parent Dimension Value does not unblock the Child Dimensions or Child Dimension Values.

Deleting Parent Dimensions

Deleting a Parent Dimension will automatically clear the following:

  • Parent Dimension Code on all Child Dimensions
  • Parent Dimension Value Codes on all Dimension Values

Deleting Parent Dimension Values

You cannot delete a Parent Dimension Value that is in-use by a Child Dimension.