Advanced Default Dimensions allows you to show Shortcut Dimensions on Master Data Card and List Pages, making it easy to view, edit, and filter by Dimension.

Example Usage Scenario

For example, the Shortcut Dimension ITEMGROUP and ITEMSUBGROUP can be configured to show on Item Card and List.

Dimensions on Card Pages

The ITEMGROUP and ITEMSUBGROUP dimensions are shown as editable fields on the Item Card.

Tip: If you are using Parent Dimensions, then selecting a Child Dimension will automatically select its Parent Dimensions.

Dimensions on List Pages

The DEPARTMENT and PROJECT fields are shown as filterable columns on the Item List.

Basic Configuration

For a simple setup, use the Setup Advanced Default Dimensions Wizard found in Assisted Setup.

In the Customer, Vendor, or Item Default Dimensions steps, toggle which Dimensions you would like to be shown for the respective Master Data.

For more Master Data options refer to Advanced Configuration below.

Advanced Configuration

The Advanced Default Dimensions Setup page also allows you to specify which Dimensions will be shown for each Master Data.

To set detailed Value Posting options see Setting Value Posting options for Dimensions.

Note: Sign out of Business Central and log back in, to update the dimensions on the relevant pages.