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Taking a stand against hunger with 40,000 meals to Foodbank

Fenwick gifts 40,000 meals to Foodbank

Wishing to make this season a little more festive, Fenwick contributed 40,000 meals to Foodbank.

A record number of families plunged into food insecurity this year. Following the world’s longest lockdown in Victoria and Covid-stricken conditions in Australia, demand for the Foodbank was on the rise.

A recent report revealed overall demand for food relief was up by 47%. It has seen people seek relief that have never needed help before. The figures speak for themselves: one in six Australian adults are lacking sufficient food. 1.2 million children went hungry last year. As a result, one million people are receiving relief from the Foodbank each month.

Long-term partnership with the food industry

The choice to partner this year with Australia’s Foodbank felt right for Fenwick Software. Our decades-old relationship with the food industry, and passion to deliver better solutions created solid partnerships.

The company’s bond with the food sector continues to grow with the development of purpose-built solutions catering to global and local food manufacturers and distributors.

Pandemic and lockdowns hit multiple sectors

Food insecurity affects a diverse group of people across the community. It’s not restricted anymore to the homeless and unemployed. In Victoria , where many families and international students were caught without an income, it hit the community hard.

“A demographic summary of food insecure Australians shows that it affects men and women of every age, living alone, in families and in groups. It affects more people in some form of employment than those who have none.”
Foodbank Hunger Report 2021

Fenwick partners with Foodbank

The global pandemic has put a spotlight on the crisis that for too long has flown under society’s radar. When the pandemic hit, it radically transformed our reality. The lockdowns gave rise to unexpected challenges and suffering and exacerbated existing challenges.

Families, single parents, students, and First Nation people already struggling were hit even harder. Others are still battling to pay bills, feed their family and keep the lights on for the first time in their lives.

Foodbank restores hope to people who are struggling by rescuing and sourcing food from farmers, manufacturers and retailers. The organisation distributes groceries to front line charities to provide to individuals and families in need. During emergencies it provides critical supplies to support disaster services and assists affected communities.

Where is it going

Last year Foodbank sourced the equivalent of 87.9 million meals for 2,950 plus non- profit partners. It provided food relief to more than a million people each month. Every dollar donated provides two meals for Australians in need.

For more on Foodbank Australia and how to contribute to food relief see here more on ways Fenwick supports the food industry.