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Learning about Dynamic Production Setup Times for Business Central

Picture all the different items on your production line. Now all the factors you need to consider: setup time, materials, cost …

In the manufacturing industry, you must always utilise resources and minimise costs whilst optimising inventory levels. Scheduling items based on these factors is a complex task.

Streamline the process with products that integrate with Business Central. See the exact time it takes to move from one item to another and find the best sequence for production with Dynamic Production Setup Times.

Discovering setup time need

Before Dynamic Production Setup Times, users had no way to manage item setup times dynamically based of their schedule of work. 

They couldn’t incorporate specific times to move between a certain combination of products: it had to be adjusted manually.

This method was time consuming and difficult to maintain against a production schedule. We saw the need for added functionality in this area – so we created an app for it.

How does it work?

The app lets you create dynamic setup times based on product sequencing.  Schedule production in the most efficient way.

It’s easy to use with a simple interface. Simply fill out setup times for a specific product changeover within a work center. This defines the setup time to move from one item to another.

Then, as production is scheduled, the app readjusts the setup time against the order to the timings entered for that product changeover.

For example: imagine you’re running a food manufacturing company producing soups.

Say the standard setup time for pumpkin soup was 10 minutes. If scheduled after the tomato soup run, the workstation would need 30 minutes to clean down and set up. Dynamic Production Setup Times would conditionality change the setup time to 30 minutes.

If you were to reschedule the pumpkin soup before the tomato soup, it would automatically revert to 10 minutes. The scheduler would clearly see it’s the most efficient production schedule they should run.


Dynamic Production Setup Times brings a range of benefits for production.

It provides the flexibility to adjust your setup time depending on the schedule of your work, cost, and unique requirements.

It’s reliable and accurate: it displays the exact time it takes to move from one item to another, so production can be scheduled in an efficient sequence.

It also integrates seamlessly with other functionality. Combined with Production Scheduler‘s Graphical Scheduler, it generates a production schedule on a moveable visual timeline. Together they create the ultimate visual for production.

What’s Next?

Dynamic Production Setup Times is an exciting new development for manufacturing. It’s simple to implement and provides a streamlined sequence for operation.

Our next step is full implementation on the Business Central App store, so we can continue integrating with more clients!