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Celebrating Andrew’s 40 years at Fenwick

This week we celebrate Andrew’s retirement after 40 years of service. Andrew is one of the company’s longest serving employees having joined in 1981. He’s also a loyal, long-suffering Melbourne Football Club supporter. Unfortunately he hasn’t seen a premiership in his whole working life!

Celebrating Andrew’s years of service

Andrew Ferguson has been a great exemplar of Fenwick’s historical motto “Systems that work, from people who care”. His devotion to clients has been an important part of Fenwick’s ongoing success.

Andrew has evolved with the company since the early 80s, when we implemented the ‘Pick’ system to today where we focus on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. He has specialised in advising clients on strategies to use Information Technology effectively, and in more recent years, his focus has been on implementing the enwis solution for the Waste Management and Recycling industry.

A true IT expert

Fenwick has a long tradition in using software tools to find simpler ways of solving challenging problems. Andrew is recognized as our software tools and apps king.

He was the first to grasp new technologies in his early career, writing COBOL on HP 3000 computers, and building custom systems for clients in Pick.

Andrew was the force behind Quartet, which enabled custom software to be written quickly and reliably. He pioneered the development of everyminute, a time recording product for professional services firms based on the early versions of Navision, and led several customer implementations of the product in the 90s and early noughties.

His work in waste management over the past 15 years has positioned Fenwick as a market leader in the upper-end of the SMB market within the industry, where we can offer a modern financials and operational ERP package with full mobility for vehicle fleets.

Spreading his knowledge and building long lasting relationships

Building strong internal relationships is a distinguishing element of our culture. Andrew has played a special role in creating this environment through spreading his knowledge and building friendships.

He’s become a trusted mentor and guide for many consultants. His breadth of experience makes him a vital resource within the firm. When advising on the right solution, he forewarns with a frequently heard saying; “This is a trap for young players”. His guidance has been a dependable force for all, but most specifically for our young and growing team of enwis consultants.

Andrew has formed close bonds and shared many memories with colleagues through the years. One of our long serving staff members, Juerg Stolz, remembers remembers a celebration dinner for Andrews 10th anniversary. They jokingly asked him if he would remain at Fenwick for the rest of his life!

We wish Andrew the very best

Fenwick has been a big part of Andrews life; equally Andrew has been a significant part of Fenwick’s history. We will miss him when he leaves us for the leisurely life of retirement!

On another note, he will partake in his 10th or so Great Victorian bike ride from Robe to Torquay starting on the 22nd of November, riding over 650 km in 10 days. We expect him to participate in at least another 10 to 20 of these throughout retirement.

We wish him all the very best!

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