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The Swinburne University IBL Program – A System That Works

Entering into the corporate world after years of study can seem quite intimidating. The Bachelor of Information Technology (IT) Program at Swinburne University helps to ease this transition. It does so by giving students the opportunity to partake in Industry-based Learning (IBL).

We’ve formed a close relationship with Swinburne University’s Bachelor of IT course, working with Swinburne for almost 20 years.

Fenwick and Swinburne’s close relationship has proved beneficial to both parties

Evan Boutsiavaras is our latest IBL student enrolled in the course. After only three weeks of working at Fenwick, he feels the experience has already been invaluable.

This week, Evan shares his thoughts and feelings as the new kid on the block.

Starting with a young love for IT

My passion for IT was born when I was only 18 months old. My father was the one who first showed me how to use a computer, it opened up a whole new world of opportunities.

Growing up in Gen Z, seamless integration of technology has always been a part of our everyday. I followed my desire to engage with new forms of technology throughout high school and was later overjoyed when I was accepted into one of the leading IT courses in Australia.

Mentoring that produces work-ready students

The course offers the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills to move into senior IT positions after graduating. Students study problem solving with ICT, business intelligence and data visualisation, and a wide range of other subjects. The course is further complemented through the IBL program.

From the perspective of Fenwick Software, the ability to acquire, work-ready graduates is essential. Industry sponsors are able to avoid making recruitment mistakes by essentially giving students a five-month interview. If students are successful during their placements, sponsors are then able to offer them part or full-time employment.

Enjoyable yet challenging work

Challenging, yet enjoyable work has been laid out for me at Fenwick, with lots to take in and learn.

There have been opportunities to visit a number of clients on-site. I get to connect with people in their place of work and witness the benefits of our solutions.

Experiencing this, I realised working in IT is more than just implementing a system. It’s about supporting the clients adopting that system. I love the interpersonal side that pushes consultants out of the traditional office environment and into the workplace.

Working in IT is more than just implementing a system

A challenging aspect of the role is the expansion to my vocabulary.

Abbreviations are frequently used throughout the office; my advice is to learn the many that are relevant to your role as soon as possible. It’s best to avoid racking your brain three weeks in, wondering what on earth all this “EDI” and “WMS” business is!

Ultimately, I’ve learnt how systems must adapt to the ever-changing world we live in. Systems must not only be tailored to the needs of businesses, but must also be able to change over time as the requirements of organisations change.

Proud of the program and excited for what’s next

I am proud to be a member of one of the most prestigious and industry relevant ICT courses in Australia, and look forward to continuing my work here at Fenwick. I’m also thankful for the opportunity to support the extensive relationship between these two distinguished organisations.

Once I graduate from Swinburne University, I’m confident that I will be able to integrate my studies with my newly gained industry experience. Both organisations have kick-started my journey towards becoming a leader in the IT industry.

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