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Strengthen Employee Relationships With Payfocus

The origins of payroll can be traced back to ancient Greece. Athenians created a system where public servants and clerks kept records by chiselling into stone!

Payroll as we know it today, evolved within the industrial revolution of the 19th century. With mass employment and manufacturing increasing, it became vital keep accurate record of workers and their pay. Without financial documentation it was impossible to keep up.

Things Haven’t Changed

In today’s technologically advanced times, an effective payroll system is core. If business standards including correct pay aren’t met, employees are unable to reach their full potential. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs supports this statement. The motivational theory describes that basic needs must be attained to achieve self-fulfilment. Therefore, keeping correct track of employee payment restores trust within employees and adds to a positive, flourishing culture.

Effective payroll restores trust within employees and adds to a positive, flourishing culture

We Employ Payfocus

Advances in ERP systems have made payroll strategies simpler and more cost effective. We employ Payfocus, a product owned by Dialog and integrates easily with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Payfocus obtains all the key aspects of the Dynamics solution.

Our consultants have updated old systems with Payfocus and have integrated it as new systems for clients. It adapts to suite unique business process’s which generate a range of benefits. These include, reducing the time and cost involved in processing payroll, compliance with legislative requirements, and support in payroll processing needs.

Payfocus keeps employees accurately informed… providing faith in a system free of errors.

A System That Cares For Employees

Payfocus records a clear picture of each employee and in the process avoids errors. The software maintains all necessary employee information and staff are provided with an overview of all pay details. Accuracy is maintained through control reports. These reports foresee any potential mistakes, enabling correction before payroll is completed.

Keeping account of employee information and delivering an error free system, contributes to fulfillment of basic needs. In doing so, companies provide security and allow staff to strive for their best.

A well-functioning payroll is a necessary but vital element. An effective system contributes to an ethos of trust that can be fostered company wide. Payfocus is a leading system in the field and our clients are experts in successful implementation.