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Floating on a Cloud with Business Central

Deploying a Business Central database into Fenwick Cloud has never been easier.

Deploying a Dynamics 365 Business Central database into Fenwick Cloud has never been easier. Since 2016, we have been working on automating and making the deployment process simpler, and as a result, minimising the time it takes us to get your system up and running. Fenwick Cloud currently supports all versions from NAV 2016 through to Business Central.

What does Fenwick Cloud offer?

  • Hosted Solution
    We can take your NAV/Business Central database and host it in Microsoft Azure. With a monthly hosting fee, this is a much more cost-effective solution for businesses that do not need to invest in their own physical hardware
  • Scalability
    Your database can be scaled up at any point should you require the extra performance. We also have performance monitoring tools, allowing us to identify any areas in your database that may potentially be slowing down the system
  • Upgradeability
    Microsoft releases monthly cumulative updates, but these are not necessarily always applicable to the end user. However, to install one of these updates is simple, and only requires 5-10 minutes of downtime
  • Disaster Recovery
    Data replication can be set up to mirror your database to another Azure data centre in Australia, allowing us to have your system restored and running at the click of a button
  • Monitoring
    We have alerts set up on the NAV/Business Central Services running on Fenwick Cloud, therefore if any of these go down, we will act quickly to remedy the issue
  • Accessibility
    Being in the cloud means you will be able to access your NAV/Business Central instance from anywhere in the world, provided you have an internet connection
  • Backups
    Having your database in Microsoft Azure means your database will be automatically backed up. We can restore your database to any point in time in the last 35 days should you require us to

The Fenwick Cloud option for your Dynamics 365 Business Central system provides a lot of positives, from rapid deployment to features designed to give you peace of mind that your system is being well cared for.