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With the world of Business Central well and truly in motion, the diverse number of apps from a range of different companies can be overwhelming. After just the first few weeks, over 100 apps for Dynamics 365 Business Central are already available, with that number growing by the day.

To make it easier to manage the apps that Fenwick will release to AppSource, Microsoft’s Business App Store, we have created a central management extension to control all Fenwick apps from the one place, utilising a unique Fenwick Gold Account to link specific company details to its distinct subscription information.

To make it easier to manage the apps that Fenwick will be releasing to AppSource, we have created a central management extension to control all Fenwick apps from the one place.

Your Fenwick Gold Account

A Fenwick Gold Account gives you easy access to manage the ever-expanding range of Fenwick Gold apps. The central hub of your Fenwick Gold Account is the Fenwick Gold Subscriptions page. From here you can update individual subscription details, account details and payment information. Each app subscription contains information relating to the Price, Period End, and Licensed Users which enables easy tracking of future invoice dates and costs.

Our easy to navigate pages allows effortless management of all our Fenwick apps, with simple interfaces to create or update your account and subscription information.

All our apps come with a 7-day free trial during which time you can use the app’s full functionality without any restrictions.

Purchasing from AppSource

If you decide to buy the app, simply entering your valid credit card information and confirming the purchase will automatically activate your subscription, allowing instant access to all the features for the desired Fenwick Gold App.

All linked payment methods are stored securely with our payment processor to achieve PCI-DSS compliance. Real-time updates with our payment processor removes the need for manual purchasing/updating of a subscription service.


If assistance is needed, our support gateway provides access to a thorough knowledge base of How-To Articles as well as the ability to get in contact with a designated Fenwick Support agent.

The first time you install a Fenwick app, you will be prompted to create an account. As we release more and more apps to the market, a Fenwick Gold Account is the key to managing all things Fenwick.

Written By Alex D'Antico

Alex joined Fenwick Software in January 2018 as a developer after completing a Bachelor degree in Computer Science at Monash University. Alex is involved with the development of the Fenwick Gold suite and its continuous advancement. He has a background in programming with interests in JavaScript and Python.


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